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Work with Blend Concrete Design’s team to create beautiful concrete pieces, perfect for any project!

At Blend Concrete Design, we collaborate with industry and trade partners to produce stunning concrete pieces for their clients.

A white concrete benchtop in a Pilates studio


01 Design

Already know what you’re looking to achieve?

Provide the project information outlined on our pre-quote checklist and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

Please provide the following:

Pre-Quote Checklist

We’re looking forward to giving you an idea of pricing. Please provide the following.

A vector of a ruler and a pencil
Do you have dimensions? Send us your plans or sketches!
NOTE: If you are looking for a benchtop or table top, please include the thickness you would like
A vector of a concrete surface with a gloss finish
What surface finish would you like? We offer a matte/satin or a gloss finish
A vector image of a modern home with a location pin
For delivery and installation costs - please let us know the site address and some details about the site access
A vector image of a concrete benchtop and splashback with an undermounted basin
If you are looking to install a sink, is it an under mounted or overmounted/ dropin sink? Do you require a splashback ?
A vector image of concrete and terrazzo
Are you interested in standard GFRC or terrazzo?
A vector image of a concrete BBQ benchtop with an integrated BBQ
Where a BBQ is being installed, please let us know the model and whether it requires a concrete recess and/or ventilation

For more complex projects, we may require further information or to arrange a site visit.

If your plans aren’t fully resolved, not to worry! Our design team can work with you at any point in the design process. Whether you have a blank canvas, a few initial sketches or just looking to resolve some final details, our in-house design team can work with you to create your vision in concrete.

02 Colour Sampling

Once the quote has been approved, we begin the colour sampling process to select the perfect colour for your project.

Our standard colour range contains 14 stunning concrete colours. Our coloured concrete is pigment based. This allows us to tailor the amount of oxide used in our concrete to create custom colours or to colour match.

If you’d like to engage our colour matching services, we ask that you provide a physical colour sample. Matching to a physical colour sample achieves more accurate results than colour matching to a reference image.

If you’re completing a custom job, have your client select the colours they are interested in from the ‘Concrete Colours’ page of our website (located under the ‘Info’ tab). We’ll send out samples of the selected colours for your client to see in person and approve.

A collection of coloured concrete samples on a grey concrete dining table
A close up of a white concrete benchtop and a textured section of wet concrete

03 Sealants

Concrete is naturally a porous material and can be susceptible to staining. We apply high-quality sealants, imported from the USA, to prevent staining and scratching.

For high use surfaces, such as bar-tops, that are in frequent contact with acidic beverages, including beer and cider, we recommend a gloss finish. The mechanical polishing and penetrating sealant required for a gloss finish is more resistant to the wear and tear of bar surfaces.

Find more information about our sealants in our Knowledge Hub.

04 Pre-Production

We require a 50% deposit to be paid prior to beginning production in our workshop.

Before we begin the production of benchtops we’ll need you to provide us with the final dimensions. Ideally, your cabinet maker will provide final site measurements or a template. We can provide templating services for projects in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, or the Sunshine Coast. Please get in touch and we can provide you with a quote.

Due to the varying nature of custom work, we don’t have standard lead times. Get in touch with our team for an indication of our most up to date lead times.

05 Progress Updates

We’ll provide updates throughout the production process. If you’d like, we can send you an image of the piece/s in production for you to show your client.

06 Delivery & Installation

We supply to projects across Australia. Our installation services are only available for projects situated in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast.

For projects where we will not complete the installation, we’ve partnered with freight companies to ensure that our pieces are delivered safely. Insurance can be purchased by the client if they choose.

Our installation services are limited to the installation of our pieces. We don’t install plumbing or electrical that might be associated with the piece.

You’ll need to be covered under your own insurances if you would like to assist in the installation of the pieces, including lifting them into place. Prior to installation we’ll ask for copies of your insurances.

A custom concrete BBQ Bench with light timber cabinetry and a concrete pot plant


Custom Creations

We’ve put together some product specific information that is important to consider.
A custom concrete kitchen counter with a curved breakfast bar for stool seating

Benchtops and tabletops

  • A void is fabricated into each Blend Concrete Design benchtop or tabletop to reduce the amount of material used, ensuring the benches are as light as possible. Our concrete tops are poured at 20mm thick. A turndown edge is created at the client’s desired thickness which gives the illusion that the entire piece has been created at that thickness.

BBQ benchtops

  • When creating a concrete BBQ bench, you should consider if the BBQ needs to sit on top of the piece or if it requires a recess. If the BBQ requires a recess, Blend Concrete Design can produce a custom concrete piece to line the recess.

Sinks and tapware

  • If required, we will core the tapware once on site.
  • We can make our benchtops suitable for under mounted or over mounted sinks. There is an extra charge for under-mounted sinks and you will need to supply a sink template that we can cast into the piece.


  • We can create table legs from concrete, timber or powder-coated aluminium.
  • We are also happy to only supply a concrete tabletop if you or your client have your eyes on table legs elsewhere.

Product Line

  • We launch new additions to our product line seasonally.
  • Our product line is designed by our in-house design team and crafted by our skilled concrete artisans. We are committed to producing leading-edge designs and setting trends in the industry.
  • Our products are made to order meaning that each piece is handcrafted specifically for your client.
  • If you like one of our products but need different dimensions, get in touch! We’re happy to create a custom piece for your project.
Three of the concrete basins offered by Blend Concrete Design